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Cosmic Light Clear Crystal Singing Bowl

12 Inch Clear Cosmic Light Crystal Singing Bowl F Note Heart Shining Chakra for Release Anxiety Tension Release Stress

Harness the healing power of these crystal singing bowls. Sound therapy can be useful for reducing stress, relaxing your body and mind, and can be used alone or as part of a class for a new experience. The crystal singing bowl is made from 100% pure crystal, the highest quality available, and each is inspected personally before shipping.

The sound made from the vibrations of the quartz is strong, clear and deep, and the vibrations will resonate with the body's power to heal itself. Feel the frequencies being absorbed into your body, into tense muscles, tendons and bones. Turn on the sound on the video to experience the soothing sounds of this crystal bowl.Crystal singing bowl for anxiety and stress release. Healing sounds to release anxiety and tension. Can help boost energy and calm the body. 

Material:: Quartz crystal>99.99%
Size:: 6 Inch
Accessory:: Silicone mallet and rubber o-ring
Application:: Sound therapy, yoga, meditation, healing, stress release
Note:: F
Chakra:: Heart Chakra
Frequency: 440Hz or 432Hz

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