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Cosmic Light Clear Crystal Singing Bowl

6 Inch Natural Cosmic Light Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl.

432Hz for Healing with Free Suede Mallet and O-ring. Available in B, D, F, G notes for stimulation of chakra and anxiety and tension release. 

Harness the healing power of these crystal singing bowls.

The healing power of crystal singing bowls have been used in healing practice for reducing anxiety with amazing results. Tune in to the healing vibrations to attain relief from stress and tension. The beautiful sounds enhance meditation, and allows you to connect with the chakra that you most need. Tune in to the calming sound bath to boost energy and seek balance and harmony through the vibrations of these beautiful singing bowls. Made out of quartz crystal, it is useful for music therapy and will boost your yoga practice. Use it to boost energy, and to reconvalesce after a difficult day. These crystal singing bowls make it effortless to ease into relaxation. The sound therapy instrument is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. 

Material:: Quartz crystal>99.99%
Size:: 6 Inch
Accessories: Silicone mallet and Rubber o-ring
Frequency:: 432Hz

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